Our collaboration with Wärtsilä dates back to 2002, when animation technology was used to promote the competency and process efficiency in Wärtsilä’s Services business. We subsequently expanded into other areas of Wärtsilä’s business to promote their marketing, sales and customer product understanding. Over the years we have delivered a variety of products and services including animations, interactive applications, videos, 3D images and more.

Wärtsilä Flexicycle™  3D Demo

December, 2017

This an updated version of the Flexicycle™ 3D demo with support for HTML5. You can also try it out on the official site below. Mobile VR versions of the app for GearVR and Google Cardboard will also soon be available.

Check out the website Wärtsilä – Flexicycle™ Power Plants

Digital Cylinder Twin

December, 2017

Take a look at this demonstration of a Lean Burn configurator, developed for the Wärtsilä DF Engine Cylinder.

The Dispatch Simulator 2.1.

July, 2015

One of the main improvements in the second generation Dispatch Simulator was the new feedback system, allowing users to take their dispatch skills to the next level. Other new features include the opportunity of adding a much greater share of renewables, as well as replacing CCGT capacity with Smart Power Generation one-to-one, so that users can accurately quantify the value of flexibility. In addition, the new scoring system will allow users to know whether they’ve managed to operate their power system in a manner that’s affordable, sustainable and reliable – all at the same time.

App for PC: Click to download 
More detailed information on www.wartsila.com

3D Studio Animation Production: The new Wärtsilä LNGPac™ LNG fuel handling system

August, 2014

This animation production involved close collaboration with the customer under very tight time frames, resulting in a high quality presentation. The end-product clearly demonstrates the before and after, simply and with impact.

3D Studio Animation Series for Wärtsilä CBM

December, 2013

3D Studio Blomberg produced a series of productions for Wärtsilä Services’ called CBM; Condition Based Maintenance. This series presents its unique system of services through highly visual, informative animations.

The introduction to Wärtsilä CBM is presented in photorealistic, rendered animations, displaying the industrial environment in which the CBM system of services are applicable and the animations detail the CBM purpose, functionality and added value that these services can offer. A unique selling point for CBM service assessments is in the Wärtsilä specialists who add further value by measuring processed data, equipment history and trends.

The Wärtsilä CBM animation, used in marketing, direct and indirect sales support and presentations for events, is a clear and comprehensive visual production illustrating its unique and one of a kind system for equipment service assessments.

The Dispatch Simulator 

May, 2013

Have you ever wondered what it is like to operate a power system? Why don’t you give it a try with Wärtsilä’s Dispatch Simulator?

The Dispatch Simulator is a tool developed to demonstrate the challenges posed by increasing amounts of intermittent renewable energy sources, showing how Smart Power Generation can be the answer to these challenges. The tool provides the unique opportunity to try different ways of optimising your power system – either by using the traditional generation fleet or with the help of Smart Power Generation.

The Dispatch Simulator includes an animated 3D environment augmented with updating graphics displaying levels of activity, and framed with an interactive user template. This allows for a variety of power generation scenarios to be played out.

App for PC: Click to download 

More detailed information on www.wartsila.com

Previous work

Photorealistic pictures of Genset W20V34SG - May 2013

Wärtsilä was about to present new technical solutions in an exhibition conference, and they sought out the services of 3D Studio to help them visualize the solution.

3D Studio produced photorealistic images of an engine that Wärtsilä could use not only on the white paper publication but also for printing posters. The end result was images looking so good that the Wärtsilä engine design team made a special request: capture additional images of the engine from slightly different angles to be used in making great looking t-shirts as a summer gift.

The engine lives on in a new animation production regarding Condition Based Maintenance.

We can even make a sub-sea pipe look beautiful! - February 2013

Beautiful pictures are taken every day. But sometimes it’s as hard as winning the lottery to nail that perfect picture. And when the deadline for your marketing material is quickly closing in, you may not have the time it takes to wait for the perfect conditions and to find the perfect location. Even in the event of finding the ideal location with ideal conditions, you might not be able to get there.

Accessing an oil rig is not something that’s accomplished at a given notice. So, for Wärtsilä to get great looking images of their new product used in the offshore industry, the DEH, they turned to 3D Studio.

3D Studio, with the help of collected reference material (Drawings, PowerPoint Documents, Technical Specifications), created beautiful looking 3D models and located them within a 3D offshore environment.

The truly amazing benefit of 3D modeling is that images of these 3D assemblies can be taken from different angles and for different purposes at any given time. An example is the ability of relocating image perspectives to the inside of a container module in order to give the viewer a more comprehensive visualization of the system.

Innovative Media for Power-Gen Asia 2012 - September 2012

3D Studio continues to establishing itself as a versatile and reliable provider of a multitude of media and related content.

The most recent projects involve the production of media for Wärtsilä’s attendance at Power-Gen Asia 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand on October 3-5.

For Wärtsilä’s exhibition at Power-Gen Asia 2012, 3D Studio produced the Invitational Teaser and the Email Blast.

3D Studio was also given the responsibility of conceptualizing and designing a unique interactive media tool: the Virtual Booth.

The Virtual Booth is a tool which allows for the user to revisit and access the events and materials that had been available during Power-Gen Asia 2012.

This tool is an efficient and cost effective venue for attendees to share their experience and present information within their own organizations, as well as for those who could not attend and still want to visit the Wärtsilä Booth and its many events and features thereafter.

The Virtual Booth makes for the ideal follow-up experience.

The experience of the event’s virtual counterpart is accessible for an extended period of time after the real-world event itself has ended.


Flexicycle 3D for iPad - July 2012

3D Studio continues the expansion and availability of Wärtsilä’s Flexicycle™ 3D Interactive Application with the development of Flexicycle™ 3D Application for iPad.

The new Flexicycle™ 3D iPad Application is now available at the App Store.

Flexicycle™ 3D iPad Application is an interactive 3D environment featuring Wärtsilä’s Flexicycle™ solution. Comprehensive and easy-to-use interface allows for navigation to many locations within the Flexicycle™ 3D power plant. Information retrieval at designated locations is available in various forms of media such as animations, publications and other documentation.



HPTIV Animation for Wärtsilä Ship Power - April 2012

3D Studio’s partnership with Wärtsilä has expanded into Wärtsilä Ship Power with the production of a highly technical 3D animation presentation.

The High Performance Turbine Installation Vessel (HPTIV) represented one of the most challenging productions for 3D Studio due to the need for the entire production to be completed within demanding constraints, not least the allotted tight production time. There was no doubt that all facets of the production pipeline would need to be executed in the most proficient manner.

3D Studio, due to well-planned strategies, executed tasks of the production within a pre-determined time schedule and with precision. As a result, very little ‘stumbling blocks’ were experienced during the production.

3D Studio in Las Vegas for POWER-GEN International 2011 - December 2011

Latest 3D Studio Production Draws Visitors to Attend Wärtsilä’s Smart Power Generation at POWER-GEN International 2011


3D Studio’s partnership with Wärtsilä has led to various productions for POWER-GEN International 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA held from December 13-15.

3D Studio continued its production prowess with the production of the Invitation Teaser, Email Blast regarding Booth Events, Presentations and Conference Speakers, and the presence of Wärtsilä’s FLEXICYCLE™ 3D Visualization.

The final results captured the excitement and enthusiasm that Wärtsilä’s Smart Power Generation had generated from those who had the pleasure of experiencing it. And the 3D Studio staff had the pleasure of being among those who were in attendance.

FLEXICYCLE™ 3D is online! - September 2011

Wärtsilä’s FLEXICYCLE™ 3D Visualization, the unique visual user experience developed by 3D Studio, is now on-line.

POWER-GEN Europe 2011 held in Milano, Italy proved to be a success for 3D Studio and their visualization tool developed for Wärstilä. It was the first time the tool had been made available in a prominent setting, and immediately captured the attention and praise from personnel, customers and visitors.Shortly thereafter, Wärtsilä desired to develop the visualization tool for on-line use. In close collaboration with Wärtsilä personnel, as well as taking into consideration the feedback and suggestions received in Milano, development commenced.And now, it is ready to captivate a much larger audience.
On-Line version of the Wärtsilä’s FLEXICYCLE™ 3D Visualization is available at: www.flexicycle.com

3D Studio at it again - FLEXICYCLE™ 3D Visualization at POWER-GEN Asia 2011 - September 2011

3D Studio’s Visualization Tools continue to captivate audiences

Wärtsilä’s FLEXICYCLE™ 3D Visualization received exposure at another big event. This time it was POWER-GEN Asia 2011, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from September 27-29.

Following in the success of POWER-GEN Europe 2011 held in Milano, Italy in June of this year, 3D Studio’s visualization tool developed for Wärstilä was at it once again. It was the second time the tool had been present at Wärtsilä’s booth, and, as it had done before, captivated those who had the pleasure of the visual experience at the touch of their fingertips.

Photos by Svante Betlehem (click the image to view photos)

3D Studio Production Attracts Visitors to Wärtsilä at POWER-GEN Asia - September 2011

3D Studio Production Attracts Visitors to Attend Wärtsilä’s Smart Power Generation at POWER-GEN Asia 2011

The presence of both 3D Studio’s Staff and Products in Milano during POWER-GEN Europe 2011 made an impression. So much so that we were presented with the opportunity of conceptualizing an Invitation Teaser of Wärtsilä Smart Power Generation for POWER-GEN Asia 2011 being held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from September 27-29.Having achieved success with presenting Smart Power Generation at POWER-GEN Europe 2011, Wärtsilä felt they needed to raise the exposure of their concept several notches for future events. The concern at that time was whether a product for such a purpose would be finalized for the upcoming conference in Asia.

3D Studio was up for the task. After receiving a short list of guidelines from Wärtsilä, which included the need for the end product to be ‘Exciting and Enthusiastic’, 3D Studio set ahead with its development.

The entire production was in the hands of 3D Studio, from concept development to the final product. In many respects, this project was unique from any other we had experienced. Many forms of media and visualizations had been utilized in its making. And, not least, time constraints presented an additional challenge.

Special thanks to

Kjell Lolax and Dani Strömbäck for composing the musical score