VEO’s Hydropower Plant Tour (below), utilizing the virtual reality technology, represents another landmark for 3D Studio’s innovative Visual Tools & Solutions.

VEO’s Virtual Reality (VR) Hydropower Plant Tour

June, 2015

Representatives of VEO were keen to see how Virtual Reality (VR) could be applied to their products and were looking to promote this new technology at exhibitions. They approached the team at 3D Studio Blomberg to create the VR Hydropower Plant Tour.

Before fully immersing themselves in the hydropower plant setting, the viewer can experience a fly-by of its surroundings. Interaction during the virtual reality experience allows retrieval of information as well as isolation and further investigation of the power plant’s unique features. Surround sound, including realistic waterfall sounds and the background operational sounds of the power plant, accentuate the virtual reality experience.

High Quality Renderings of VEO Hydropower Plant Systems

November, 2014

3D Studio Blomberg used sophisticated 3D models, texture maps and environments to produce high quality renderings of several of VEO’s Hydropower Plant Systems. These rendered images have been used succesfully in their marketing activities.