3D Image Production Showcases Atteris On-shore Pipeline Solution

February, 2014

The work carried out here involved the production of a high quality 3D rendered image to showcase a pipeline engineering solution by Atteris. 3D Studio Blomberg was approached by Thought Collective to produce an image featuring Atteris’s proposed solution for on-shore pipelines.

The team were tasked with the creation of a 3D natural environment depicting Australia’s farming landscape at midday. The environment included various forms of vegetation, a water feature, as well as farm animals and farmhouses in the distance.

The unique thing about the image was the introduction of the cutout feature exposing the different layers of earth and, illustrating the on-shore pipeline installation itself. Additional information regarding borehole analyses was superimposed on top of the image composition.

The resulting high quality image provides an authentic view of a setting where Atteris on-shore pipeline solution can be fitted.

3D Studio Blomberg Provides Services in Australia

December, 2013

3D Studio Blomberg ventured into Australia with a unique image rendering project involving cooperation with several companies.

The customer, Thought Collective Pty Ltd, approached 3D Studio Blomberg in connection with the production of an undersea environment featuring the products of Atteris Pty Ltd. The production of the image required rendering and post-production know-how which included the undersea environment showcasing Atteris’ engineering expertise alongside various forms of sea life.

The result was a high quality image composition displaying Atteris’ solutions against the backdrop of the seabed.

3D Studio Blomberg’s Atteris Logo Animation Production

This animation production was an expansion on the initial image production project for Atteris Pipeline Engineering Solutions.

The work involved the utilisation of various materials in the production of the undersea image and animation of a number of elements with quite distinct camera movement resulting in a significant amount of pre-production work. There was also the requirement for the creation of a looping screensaver presentation for the animation.

Thought Collective supplied 3D Studio Blomberg with the logo animation storyboard which included bringing to life the natural behaviors of undersea vegetation and creatures. Several marine life forms, including the Skipjack Tuna and Angel Shark, required well-structured character animation rigging to allow them to come to life convincingly.

The rendering of the animation scene and its subsequent post-production resulted in the successful delivery of the end product.

For more on Thought Collective take a look at their website.