Thermo Polishing

What is Thermo Polishing?

The Thermo Polishing tool is the end product of a joint production with Mirka, a world leader in abrasives technology innovation. The tool, using an infrared camera, ODG R-7 smart glasses and a laptop, is used to enhance the polishing of surfaces (primarily in the automotive industry). Thermo Polishing has proven to increase accuracy and eliminate the number of faults significantly.

The basic idea around the Thermo Polishing tool was devised a few years ago and, since then, Mirka and 3D Studio Blomberg have worked closely together to develop and improve the tool, which was released in 2016.

The tool has had great success in the accurate polishing of surfaces in the automotive industry.

Successful results during testing at Valmet Automotive

When tested at Valmet Automotive, a leading service provider in automotive engineering, vehicle manufacturing, convertible roof systems and related business services, the results showed that there were clear improvements regarding accuracy and with far fewer faults.

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“Polishing surfaces in the automotive industry  is a delicate skill”, says Mirka’s Chief Engineer, Processes, Hans Hede. “Having worked with the automotive industry for a long time, we knew that if we could come up with a tool that would shorten the training period and reduce faults it would be extremely useful and valuable for the industry.”

Hans Hede

Chief Developer, Processes, Mirka