3D Studio Blomberg had the good fortune of attending the Pohjanmaan Teollisuus (Ostrobothnia Industry) 2019 event in the Sienäjoki Arena on 15th May. This was the first event in the series, which aims to bring together Finnish industry leaders, experts and decision makers to promote business opportunities.

With an early start to the day, the arena filled up quickly with a diverse audience followed by a number of valuable discussions which took place over the course of the day. The topic of Augmented Reality (AR) was a hot one! However, there were clear gaps in knowledge in terms of the understanding of how to make AR a valuable asset; how to re-use and re-purpose data which already exists in industrial operations. AR, it appeared, was only being used on an experimental level and, in most cases, was a completely new and unknown technology.

This made our news regarding our recent partnership with PTC (to make AR available to customers, offering the tools and solutions to allow them to start creating AR on their own), another very hot topic! Making AR available to customers in this way means they can continue to focus on deploying AR-driven innovative solutions to their core business challenges and opportunities without having to invest in expensive and advanced software skills to build the required tools and infrastructure themselves. With the Vuforia solutions tailored for industrial use, all of this is already in place, meaning you can immediately begin to reap the benefits there for the taking, from the advantages that AR brings.

Founder & VP Business Development, Pontus Blomberg talks about the exciting new PTC re-seller partnership

Our Visual Transformation Journey, along with our 18+ years in the field, offer a unique and proven way to speed up productive industrial AR adoption and move beyond the ‘cool AR demo’ that everyone’s seen but doesn’t want to talk about.

3DS now offers a complete solution for AR, making it both a viable and valuable business asset. This was demonstrated during the presentations by 3D Studio Blomberg’s Founder & VP of Business Development, Pontus Blomberg. Focussing on the industrial applications and value of AR, Pontus highlighted some of the business benefits now being reported from companies adopting AR.  The use of AR in in Field Service, for example, shows an increased workforce productivity of an astounding 32 % and reduction in on-the-job-training of 40 %. In manufacturing it demonstrates remarkable benefits of 60 % in decreased training time and 42 % in improved accuracy.

All in all, this event was a fresh initiative that gathered both best in class local companies with global operations and organisations supporting developments across the Ostrobothnian region in Finland. It offered interesting discussion panels as well as presentations showcasing products and solutions, know-how and unique expertise that generated huge value, allowing the region to really stand out globally.

Here’s to next year’s event!