Looking for an inspiring speaker for your next event?

Pontus Blomberg, founder and VP, Business Development of 3D Studio Blomberg with over 15 years  experience in industrial visualisation and a true entrepreneurial spirit  can be booked to speak and/or train at your event.

Pontus can speak on the topics of Visualisation trends, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in the digitalisation era.

Pontus Blomberg

Pontus Blomberg

Founder and VP, Business Development

Mobile: +358 44 364 1251
Direct: +358 10 322 1390
Mail: pontus.blomberg@3dstudio.fi

Previous speaking roles

3D Studio Blomberg at the Rikasta Pohjoista (Rich Northern) seminar

Lapland University of Applied Sciences, in Finland, organised the Rikasta Pohjoista Seminar in April, 2016, together with participants from Operations & Maintenance and the Mining industry sectors in northern Finland. This seminar is an annual forum to share information on the latest trends and increase collaboration between participants.

This year’s theme was Steel Construction & Mining and Operations & Maintenance in arctic conditions in the midst of a new technology revolution.

Digitalization and IoT are predicted worldwide to lead to the next industrial revolution. During the seminar, Pontus Blomberg, CEO of 3D Studio Blomberg, presented the possibilities that visualisation can create as part of a more efficient use of digitalisation in industrial operations. Pontus showcased, along with practical examples, various visual solutions for smartphones, tablets and smart eyewear. In particular, the demo with smart glasses enabling augmented reality raised quite a few eyebrows in the audience! It showed how a service technician, through the use of smart glasses, receives 3D animated instructions overlaid on the object that needs to be repaired or serviced.