Schneider Electric Finland (VAMP)

Our digitalisation and visualisation partnership with Schneider Electric Finland (VAMP) resulted in the “Configure to Product” process and its associated visualisation tools.  Further development work has also been carried out in close cooperation with the R&D department, built on emerging visualisation technologies supporting the whole business value chain.

Configure to Product, a Visual Innovation

August, 2015

The VAMP 300 application has evolved to cover more fields of application and a wider range of products. The innovative Configure to Product process allows for thorough product understanding and retrieval of up-to-date information. Specific product specifications and wiring diagrams can be created quickly and then instantly emailed. The visual solution has been released for iOS and Windows PC and plays an important role in marketing and sales, profiling Schneider Electric as a forerunner in technology.

The Schneider Electric, Vamp 300 Application: Compact and Multi-functional Visual Solution

November, 2013

The Vamp 300 application allows a user to identify fields of application, experience the first level of the primary functionality of the product, configure protection function needs and generate the final ID and configuration output function in print format.

The development of the application involved the utilisation of existing base materials from previous projects as well as taking advantage of 3D Studio Blomberg’s knowledge in the production of multi-functional interactive applications.

The Vamp 300 application is a comprehensive and cohesive visual solution supporting marketing and sales, precision in configurator functionality, promotion in product understanding and is an invaluable tool for internal and external training.

3D Studio Video Animation Production for the Schneider Electric, Vamp 300 protection relay

One of 3D Studio Blomberg’s most successful productions is the video animation presentation of Vamp’s modular solution for flexible arc flash protection.

The Vamp 300 is a product of great versatility, design, structure and reliable technology that has been developed in close cooperation with Vamp’s customers.

It’s imminent release prompted Vamp to seek the services of 3D Studio Blomberg to produce a video animation presentation that would reflect the characteristics of the Schneider Electric Vamp 300 protection relay, in photorealistic fashion.

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