Take a Finity Journey at Pellasbacken property development

3D Studio Blomberg has developed a Finity Journey for Pellasbacken, a Nybäck Invest Ab Oy initiative, to help facilitate the sale of several properties being developed.

The Joureny is split into 2 distinct components: the Guest App and the Host App. The potential buyer dons the VR headset and starts up the Guest App, where they have the opportunity to explore the property, it’s features and benefits in full VR, helping to inform decision-making.

Meanwhile the seller, using the Host App, follows the buyer’s movements and guides them through the experience. The seller can also alter the design of the apartments, on the go, facilitating a more personal experience. Through the Host App, the seller can move the buyer to specific points in the property, changing wall coverings, floor-materials and other design features to suit the buyers personal preferences and requirements.

Come with us on another Journey. To Finity and beyond.

Finity Journey brings property sales and development to life through the use of immersive VR technology where users are able to interact with simulated objects in real time, enabling fuller, richer exploration of properties.