Visual Transformation Journey

Augmented Reality (AR) is transforming the ways that companies are doing business across the globe. Whether you’re planning or executing a digital transformation strategy or simply wishing to improve the efficiency of your business, leading companies are harnessing the business benefits that are easily achievable using visual technologies such as AR, VR and enterprise 3D visualisation.

By partnering with 3D Studio, you’re in safe hands and can benefit from our 18+ years in delivering innovative 3D solutions to industrial enterprises across the globe. As both a reseller of PTC’s market-leading Vuforia Studio industrial augmented reality platform and a developer of custom AR/VR/3D solutions, 3D Studio recognises that companies benefit from having a trusted partner to help them along the pathway to success.

We call this pathway the Visual Transformation Journey.

The Visual Transformation Journey is a modular engagement model to help you navigate from where you are currently to delivering value with a successful deployment of visual technologies in your business.

Depending upon your current status, you can follow this journey from several entry points. Please read on to determine where you should begin your journey of Visual Transformation.



The Discover phase takes the form of an interactive 1-day workshop and is designed to broaden the knowledge of your employees and promote group discussion about the latest trends.


  • The value of 3D/AR/VR in the “art of the possible” in your business
  • Industrial best practices
  • Case studies which show how leading companies are harnessing these technologies


  • Your business challenges and opportunities
  • Potential use cases in your business


  • Increased awareness of current trends and opportunities
  • Candidate applications within your business

Best suited to: Companies looking to begin to explore how to best harness 3D opportunities



The Align workshop module is designed to ensure that your business selects the most appropriate path forward in line with your most important business strategies.


  • Prioritise ‘opportunities vs readiness’ use cases that best enhance your business
  • Identify the highest value use case


  • How to implement the primary use case


  • A set of prioritised use cases to take forward

Best suited to: Companies seeking to identify the most relevant areas to exploit AR/VR/3D that offer the most return



The Develop phase involves us creating a working proof-of-concept Augmented Reality business application experience.


  • Jointly define prototype requirements


  • 3DS builds a working demonstrator prototype
  • Optimise and protect existing 3D assets


  • An app that addresses one or more of your prioritised use cases

Best suited to: Companies looking to validate the value of AR/VR/3D



We will work with you through the Validate phase to assess how the app is accepted, any improvements that may be needed and how to measure success.


  • Test with a target focus group
  • Identify improvements


  • Gather user feedback
  • Capture usability, quality and performance metrics
  • Evaluate adoption potential


  • Validate business potential and user adoption metrics
  • Go/no-go decision

Best suited to: Companies moving forward with AR/VR/3D and seeking to ensure viability prior to further investment.



The Deploy phase creates the business-strength application and ensures it is integrated within your business processes and systems to ensure success.


  • Ramp-up to larger community
  • Conduct training
  • Integrate into business systems


  • Automate business processes


  • Enterprise adoption of visual technologies at scale
  • Visual transformation!

Best suited to: Companies looking to scale-up the usage of AR/VR/3D in an enterprise setting.