Collaboration with Vaasa-based Gambit

Founded in 2011, Vaasa-based Gambit was one of the first companies in Finland to focus on making smart mobile solutions for businesses. Their growing team of developers, designers and managers are continuously working on apps, IoT solutions and third-party integrations to make each work day better than the previous.

Seasoned 3D Studio Blomberg software expert, Tony Nystrand, moved to Gambit in early 2019 and now, working in collaboration with Gambit, 3D Studio Blomberg can ensure that it is even better equipped to provide the right software development services to its customers in the right way at the right time. The mutual interests and capabilities of both companies enables 3D Studio Blomberg to focus on their core knowledge and expertise, that of 3D for the enterprise.

We see great possibilities in this new relationship and wish Tony all the best in his expanded activities as he seeks to grow his skills and career.