Our partnerships and strategic memberships

3D Studio Blomberg is honoured to have valuable and collaborative relationships with a number of leading organisations.

Collaboration, memberships and strategic partnering are all essential activities in today’s business landscape if we want to be successful and continue to grow. Here are some of our current relationships along with the focus of each:

Our partnership and new reseller agreement with PTC covers both Sweden and Finland, enabling 3D Studio Blomberg to supply a number of PTC products (and provide services on top of those products) with a focus on the Augmented Reality space with the market-leading Vuforia Studio products. Focus: software


The Elisa IoT™ partnership underpins many of the activities that deal with the key issues and challenges facing technology today. Focus: IoT and data security


The partnership with Realwear enables access to the best head-mounted wearables – HMT-1 and the new HMT-1Z1. Focus: hardware


Authorised distributors of Talent Swarm’s eyebee®  Focus: Remote Expert tool – hardware


Strategic Alliance between UK-based Chrysalisforge and 3D Studio Blomberg. Focus: co-operation and networking


Collaborative relationship with Vaasa-based Gambit. Focus: collaboration

September Games aims to create simple but unique gameplay ideas powered by complex physics. Focus: collaboration