Turning Fake Branded Products into a Reality

May, 2014

Marketing the diverse services of KWH Plast Schur Flexibles effectively represented a unique challenge for 3D Studio Blomberg.

KWH Plast Schur Flexibles were not able to utilise existing clients’ packaging products to showcase their services. These products needed to be replaced by ‘fake branded products’, yet still express authenticity by representing the detail and vibrant display of graphics, colour and lighting.

So, how could KWH Plast Schur Flexibles showcase their services without displaying the products of their clients or needing to manufacture a physical new product to replace the existing ones?

3D Studio Blomberg, in collaboration with Bengt Björk Design, produced high resolution images which showcased KWH Plast Schur Flexibles packaging services perfectly. Utilising custom-made graphics, models and materials, a stage for lighting and final rendering resulted in the portrayal of fake branded products which could easily be mistaken for the real thing.