Interactive Applications

3D Studio Blomberg also develops a wide range of interactive applications with comprehensive, user-friendly functionalities to suit a variety of customers or end-user needs  

These include:

  • Applications where customers can experiment with simulations
  • Learning and tutorial applications and environments
  • Sales configurators for a desired end product
  • Configurators to automate sales, production or other processes

How can configuration applications help?

3D configuration of a product assembly or system utilises real-time 3D-renderings, giving a full visual representation of all the physical aspects including modularity, material properties or colour. The benefits of this are:

  • Due to the use of high quality renderings, displays of assembly and individual parts are more realistic
  • It can help or facilitate a deeper understanding of the functionality of a product or system
  • It can include pricing or other detailed information on individual components or the complete product

How can visual applications help?

3D visualisation allows full interaction by the user where they can control both positioning and display. Benefits here include:

  • More accurate retrieval of relevant and desired information throughout the various stages of the interactive process
  • The ability to isolate, hide and/or explode components of a product or system
  • It’s easy to understand and simple to use