The challenge
Huawei was keen to test the benefits of using Augmented Reality when launching new products or particular new features of products. 3D Studio Blomberg worked with them to create a workable solution.

The solution
The team at 3D Studio Blomberg developed an off-network Augmented Reality application for Huawei which displays features of a new product through overlaid images, animations and text. The application is designed to be used by sales personnel and training teams across Huawei and aims to make the learning of new products and features both easier and faster.

How it works
The application, available in app stores or installed locally, is download to a tablet or smart phone. It’s then used to identify the product by scanning (via the camera on the smart device), for example, a brochure.  New features and information regarding the product then emerge as overlaid images on the brochure. This way of working, using the original brochure and adding digital information on new features, enables a faster and more efficient way of reaching your target audience with new and/or updated information.

“Huawei will use Augmented Reality as part of our documentation evolution. We plan to showcase the interactive print experience created with 3D Studio Blomberg at Huawei User Groups and Trade Shows. Currently, we are in the process of internally testing the AR experience and the results so far have been impressive!”
Rhonda Truitt, Global Director, Technical Communication Innovation and Best Practices Center at Huawei

“I personally am very satisfied and impressed with 3D Studio’s performance, technical expertise, work ethic, timeliness, willingness to listen, and ability to implement additional requests and I look forward to working with y’all again.”
Farhad H. Patel, Manager, Technical Communication at Huawei

Huawei at AWE (Augmented World Expo) 2016 in Santa Clara, California presenting their projects re Augmented Reality in Technical Communication. (3D Studio Blomberg mentioning as from 07:09 in the video)