Augmented Reality (AR) offers tremendous promise to revolutionise the ways in which people can interact with machines, equipment and their environments.  Finity Vada helps deliver this promise by providing a visual automation framework to unlock the value of AR in the industrial enterprise by addressing the challenges of performance, scalability and cost.

Automation pipeline

Finity Vada removes manual, error-prone and costly tasks by means of an automated pipeline to create and update highly versatile and robust AR experiences derived from powerful templates.

Powerful templates

Finity Vada templates define the behaviour and appearance of the AR experience. By including the necessary definitions to re-purpose data from enterprise PLM, ERP and IoT systems, companies can unleash a new level of compelling and intuitive human-machine interaction to their workforce and customers.

Re-purpose enterprise 3D assets

Finity Vada moves AR adoption beyond the concept phase through the re-use and optimisation of enterprise 3D CAD assets, in numerous formats, to deliver stunning and interactive AR experiences.

Enterprise use cases

Designed to complement the market-leading ThingWorx® Studio from PTC®, Finity Vada enables the scalable publishing of AR experiences for engineering, manufacturing, field service and user operations. Finity Vada helps meet the needs of usability, repeatability, performance and IP protection demanded by today’s industrial enterprises.

AR 3D instructions and IoT data

AR with IoT and ERP data


·   Automatic publishing of AR experiences from re-usable templates

·   Publish 2D and 3D AR experiences

·   Multi-format optimised 3D support

·   Interactive tools for system validation

·   Re-use step-by-step instructions

·   System usage and monitoring via Google Analytics


·   Reduce time to market and time to value of AR applications

·   Reduce time and cost of large-scale updates to support design or branding changes

·   Enforce house-style compliance

·   Reduce staffing costs, manual and error-prone tasks

·   Reduce risks of Intellectual Property leakage

·   Accelerate adoption of the value of AR

Industrial domains

VADA helps deliver on the promise of Augmented Reality in the following industries:

• Industrial equipment
• Consumer products

• Aerospace
• Medical devices

• Automotive
• Agricultural machinery

• High tech
• Shipbuilding

“Finity Vada enables companies to unleash a new level of compelling and intuitive human-machine AR interaction to their workforce, partners and customers.”


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