PTC’s PVZ enterprise visualization format is content-rich, compact and accurate. When under PLM control, PVZ data is also automatically published, access-controlled and configuration managed.

But… given that PVZ is targeted primarily at PTC products and processes, how do you use this data in other environments such as:

  • Virtual reality and other custom environments (e.g. Unity applications)
  • Third-party modelling applications (e.g. 3DS Max, Maya, etc.)

How can you expand the automation pipeline with your PVZ data to support in-house applications and processes?

Finity TransFBX enables you to extract more value from your enterprise visualization data by providing high-performance conversion between PTC’s PVZ formats and the FBX format.

By translating to FBX, you can re-purpose your existing PVZ 3D assets for use in many other tools which don’t accept PVZ as an input format without the need to convert to other inefficient formats.

Moreover, as Finity TransFBX is a member of the Finity family of Automated Content Transformation (ACT) tools, data conversions can be automated, removing the need for expensive manual operations or re-modelling. When used in conjunction with Finity Vada, you can simultaneously and automatically generate augmented reality experiences and FBX data for the broadest possible enterprise 3D data re-use.


  • Developed with the respective APIs from PTC and Autodesk for robust operation
  • Translates:
    • Product structure and hierarchy (from PVS)
    • Geometry (from OL)
    • Product meta-data (from PVS)
    • Texture mapped parts
    • Sequences and animations (from PVI)


  • Removes expensive and slow manual human interaction and re-modelling of application-specific 3D models
  • Adds further value to PTC’s 3D publishing process by enabling the re-use of the processed 3D content directly into other complementary applications (e.g. Unity apps, image generation, etc.)
  • Expands the 3D product data landscape by enabling multiple downstream visual solutions from engineering data
  • Direct conversion from PVZ reduces time, storage and errors by removing the need for intermediate formats such as STEP
  • Robust conversion through use of vendors’ (PTC and Autodesk) SDKs
  • Increases the value of your existing enterprise 3D assets

Finity TransFBX : Expanding the 3D product data landscape