Imagine being able to safely showcase a new factory to virtual visitors around the globe. Or conduct emergency training without the hazards and cost of doing it on-site. Or enhance your recruitment success by impressing the ‘mobile first’ audience with inspiring virtual walkthroughs of your facilities.

360VR Tours from 3D Studio Blomberg make this a 24/7 reality, plus more. Much more.

Capture and create the 360VR tour

360VR tour creation begins with an agreed script followed by computer modelling of your virtual environment or innovative 360° filming of images and videos. Combine these for a true mixed reality experience! We’ll then add audio and voice-overs with dynamic hotspots enabling your virtual visitors to ‘teleport’ around the tour.

And why not include additional screens of video information into the 360VR experience to provide the latest ‘live’ televisual information in your virtual tour?


ABB Deutsch Factory Tour



Wärtsilä Flexicycle™ demo



Vaasan Ensi- ja Turvakoti



ABB Medium Voltage Products Factory Tour


Director-led experiences

Finity Journey also offers ‘Director’-led experiences for when you want to provide a personal touch in showing around your virtual guest.

As Director, you, on your own tablet or phone, can see where the virtual guest is within the tour and transport them to desired locations.

The Director mode is great for one-on-one experiences where you want to control the action! See how the Director mode is used in this Pellasbacken property example.


·   Corporate-quality guided 360VR tours from 360° photos, movies and 3D models

·   Add picture-in-picture and movies on display screens in post-production

·   Add audio assistance and voice-overs

·   From a birds-eye plan view, monitor and direct users’ progress


·   Capture usage analytics for optimisation and experience tracking

·   Simple navigation and interactive guidance prevent users getting ‘lost’

·   Experience compelling tours via web or custom-branded app in true stereo 3D

·   Tours available 24/7 online or cached on mobile devices

Application domains

·  Sales and marketing

·  Construction planning and consent

·  Health and safety validation and training

·  Recruitment

·  Factory tours

·  Hospitality

·  Conferences and events

·  Tourism

·  Real estate

·  VIP facility tours


Here’s a selection of Finity Journey tours we’ve created for customers:

Benefits and value

·   Compelling 24/7 sales tools and brand promotion

·  Accelerate proposal reviews and approval

·  Risk and hazard free high-retention training

·  Attract the best staff with impressive virtual tours

·  Showcase new facilities to a global 24/7 audience

·  Sell or guide customers around your offering

·  Self-guided assistance and pre-conference awareness

·  Influence potential visitors to visit your activity/site

·  Improve prospect numbers and shorten sales cycles

·  Impress important visitors with directed tours

To download the Finity Journey app for Android or iOS follow the links here: 

Android app

iOS app

And here’s what some of our customers have to say about Finity Journey:

“Virtual reality offers very exciting opportunities to improve our recruitment platform and better serve our customers in this marketplace. We see 3D Studio Blomberg’s technologies as a unique tool to help companies attract the best talent.”   

Joonas Pihlajamaa, Director, Recruitment and eCom, Oikotie, Sanoma Digital, Oikotie


“In today’s competitive recruitment market, we constantly strive to hire the best people. Finity journey helps Elisa stand out by enabling potential candidates to make an informed workplace decision by taking a compelling virtual tour of our world-class working environment”. 

Juho Toivola, VP, Strategic Resourcing, Elisa Oyj, Elisa


“We’re very, very pleased to be partnering with 3D Studio Blomberg at TechXLR8 this year. We want to be at the forefront of doing things differently. We want to fully utilise the technologies that other tech events talk about … and use the latest in VR technology to bring the show to life and enable people to relive the show. It’s been a phenomenal experience, from start to finish, very quick, very easy. The Finity 360VR Tour is of such a high quality that it was a no-brainer for us.”

Amy Turner, Head of Digital Content, KNect365 TMT


Why not explore packaging and pricing to suit your needs by downloading the PDF right here.