Elisa IoT™ Ecosystem

In May 2016 3D Studio became members of the Elisa IoT Ecosystem.


The Elisa IoT™ Ecosystem is a partner network consisting of professionals from various fields and industries. Within this ecosystem, it has become possible to design and build a unique Elisa IoT™ solution for every customer.

Combining our visualisation expertise with other professionals in the ecosystem has been a rewarding experience. Being able to build everything on one enterprise IoT platform is a very effective way to work and the only way forward if an enterprise wants to gain maximum advantage. In addition, the Elisa IoT™ Ecosystem offers complete end to end security.

From Elisa’s website:

Advantages of the IoT ecosystem

“Our goal is to offer businesses a flexible opportunity to utilize IoT. Elisa IoT™ consists of an application development platform and applications. Elisa’s application development platform allows the agile development of solutions and applications for the management, optimization and connection of various devices.

Elisa IoT™ is an open and developing ecosystem where member companies support each other with their expertise, thereby improving the functionality and capability of the entire platform. The ecosystem includes device manufacturers, programmers, analysts and visualizers. Together we seek to cover all our clients’ needs and sectors.”