Teaser Animation

November, 2015

The new Generator Commander, a joint production by Arcteq and VEO, is a revolutionary solution designed to improve protection and control.  A teaser, such as this in the form of a short animation, helps to build up expectation prior to the official launch of a new product.

3D Studio Production of Arcteq Company Presentation

December, 2014

Producing a company presentation for Arcteq needed to clearly showcase their important role as a key player in the electrical protection market and deliver a message which promoted their high level of expertise, quality and service.

A strong and concise narrative served as the basis for the development of the visual aspects of the presentation and a collection of photography, imagery and other archived materials enabled the team to deliver a high quality product. Photo-realistic rendering productions of Arcteq’s wide range of innovative products added a professional touch.

With consistent storytelling and well-timed visual elements in the final production, the result was a visually informative and comprehensive presentation of Arcteq’s drive and passion for quality and service in the electrical protection market.

Arcteq AQ 1000 Arc Quenching System Animation

September, 2014

3D Studio’s animation production of Arcteq’s AQ 1000 arc quenching device demonstrates the ultimate in safety for systems with rated voltage of below 1000V by extinguishing arcing faults within 3 milliseconds of arc initiation.  The photorealistic animation covers the wide range of AQ 1000 benefits including personal and equipment safety, application for new or retrofitted installations, building costs, overall footprint, dependability and re-usability.