From high quality rendered images through to animations and AR solutions

The production of high quality rendered images for ABB switches represents 3D Studio’s landmark automated production process.

The stages of production included a comprehensive analysis and understanding of the product, determination of workflow and execution of the production. Through recognising its modularised product coding system, the automated generation of ABB switches was achieved five times faster than with conventional approaches.

A logical and cost efficient way to benefit from the rendered images was to move forward by making installation, operation and accessories instruction animations for ABB Protection and Connection.


Using an holistic approach, ready-made materials from a selection of animations are utilised. This creates the added benefit of cost efficiency.

Global release of the ABB TruONE ATS

December, 2017

3DS was thrilled when ABB relied on our skilled and experienced service to produce a series of animations for the global release of their highly anticipated TruONE ATS.

See the official press release here: ABB launches TruONE, the world’s first true ATS for critical power

Augmented Reality (AR): providing a boost for a traditional product

April, 2017

We applied AR technology to the Kabeldon Low Voltage Distribution System for 1 kV from ABB through HoloLens. By showcasing product simulation and associated features as well as component details for the Kabeldon 1 kV family, the AR experience has been successfully developed for interactive product presentations at exhibitions and in training scenarios.

The Kabeldon Low Voltage Distribution System for 1 kV from ABB is used to build modern systems for various applications, from substations and cable distribution cabinets to distribution boards in industry.

The system, characterised by modest dimensions, flexibility, personal safety and at-a-glance layouts, meets the necessary requirements and standards for electrical distribution.

Marketing animations

January, 2017

Installation, operations and accessories animations


High quality rendering of ABB’s breakers and switches

June, 2015

The production of 600 ABB switch images proved to be very economical. The more variants of a product you have, the more cost efficient the process of producing high quality 3D renderings.