Our new range of products, Finity, was launched 13th June at AR&VR World at TechXLR8 in London, part of the broader, very successful London Tech Week event.

Finity enables visual business for enterprises. As CEO, Bengt Lillvik, explains Finity is “…designed to help businesses thrive, by bridging the gap between technology and business process improvement, using the technologies of AR and VR.” Under the Finity banner, 3D Studio Blomberg is launching 2 new products: Finity Journey and Finity Vada.

Finity Journey is an innovative application of Virtual Reality (VR) concepts that enable a global audience to tour, explore, learn and experience a facility or product, 24/7. Virtual visitors can experience this journey in a PC or mobile browser, a custom-branded mobile app or even in true VR. With a mix of multi-lingual audio, 360 video and images, 3D models, live data and IoT, Finity Journey provides a compelling and impactful experience, enabling the virtual visitor to navigate the 360VR Tour through interactive hotspots, making their journey easy and memorable. The value created by Finity can be embraced by a broad range of industries and businesses.

Finity Vada meets the challenge for companies to adopt Augmented Reality (AR) in their operations head on, by addressing the lack of tools to automate the creation of AR experiences at enterprise scale. Finity Vada is designed to remove this barrier to AR adoption by offering an automation framework for publishing AR experiences. Vada uses powerful templates to machine-generate AR experiences that allow the re-use of enterprise assets such as 3D CAD data, attributes from PLM and ERP and IoT data streams.  Finity Vada’s high level of automation enables enterprise targets such as IP protection, cost and scalability to be met, without the risk of manual and error-prone mistakes. It essentially enables automation for industrial AR, at scale.

Read the full press release attached.

Press release_FINAL_Jun18