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Introducing Finity

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Augmented Reality (AR) is transforming industry. 3D Studio can help you transform with the use of our Visual Transformation Journey.

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Visual business is our vision that companies will become more effective and efficient by harnessing highly visual technologies such as AR and VR, to enable rapid understanding, streamline training, improve operations and accelerate decision-making. Put simply, as we see humans thrive by using visual information, we believe that companies and organisations can also thrive by harnessing visual techniques to improve the way they operate.

To support this vision, we are proud to announce a range of products under the banner of ‘Finity’. A suite of solutions and services, Finity is designed to help your business thrive, by bridging the gap between technology and business process improvement and opening up a whole new world of opportunities.

Our Quality Policy

At 3D Studio we’re continuously striving for excellence. We’re committed to understanding each of our customer’s unique requirements in order to meet and, wherever possible, exceed expectations. Helping our customers grow THEIR business is key to us growing OUR business.

We operate to a high standard and are ISO 9001 certified.

In addition, 3D Studio is very pleased to have earned a Strongest in Finland certificate from Asiakastieto, based on the Alfa Credit Rating.



New Products

Exciting New ‘Finity’ Range of Products

Under our new Finity range we’ve introduced 2 exciting products.

Finity journey is an innovative application of Virtual Reality concepts that enable a global audience to tour, explore, learn and experience a facility or product, 24/7. Virtual visitors can experience this journey in a PC or mobile browser, a custom-branded mobile app or even in true VR.

To find out more, visit the product page and downloadable brochure [here].

One of the current challenges for companies to adopt Augmented Reality in their operations is the lack of tools to automate the creation of AR experiences at enterprise scale. Our Finity Vada solution is designed to remove this barrier to AR adoption by offering an automation framework for publishing AR experiences.

If you want to learn more about the challenges Finity Vada is helping to solve visit the product page and downloadable brochure [here].

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