Innovative tools and solutions

Our tools, products and solutions are designed to help our customers grow by:

  • Improving efficiency, quality and safety.
  • Speeding up the learning process by making it more efficient, flexible and motivating and less dependent on language.
  • Improving the training and education experience through the use of visual animation tools.
  • Increasing the number of available and qualified operators hereby reducing costs through the use of remote assistance, educational animations etc.
  • Becoming more competitive in the market thanks to accurate, up-to-date information provided by our innovative visual tools and solutions.

The human brain processes images 60 000 times faster than text. A great reason to be more visual in your communications!

3D Studio Blomberg’s core products

Finity Journey

Finity journey is an innovative application of Virtual Reality concepts that enable a global audience to tour, explore, learn and experience a facility or product, 24/7.

Finity Vada

Our Finity Vada solution is designed to remove the barriers to AR adoption by offering an automation framework for publishing AR experiences.

Collaborative product development

Our Thermo Polishing tool has been developed together with Mirka for high precision polishing in the automotive industry. Read more here.

Re-seller opportunities

We are a value-added re seller of the world’s best industrial-grade smart glasses, the ODG R-7. Read more here.

We are also a value-added re-seller of the eyebee®  Remote Expert tool, designed for those who need a simple, high quality video, low cost system to connect field technicians hands-free with remote experts. Read more here.

For more information on our other visual tools and solutions take a more in-depth look here: interactive applications, images, animations, WebGL, videos