ODG Reseller and collaboration partner 

As of May 2016 3D Studio Blomberg is a Value Added Reseller of the ODG R-7 smartglasses in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and the UK.  Simultaneously we signed a Collaboration Agreement with ODG (Osterhout Design Group), which makes us part of a top notch Augmented Reality hardware and software ecosystem. The aim of this ecosystem is to harness the power and possibilities that smart glasses can bring.




The world’s best smart glasses

ODG’s R-7 smartglasses are ranked as the world’s best industrial-grade smartglasses.

In 2018 two new versions, R-8 and R-9, will become available. Several large organisations have entered the smart glasses market with advanced prototypes in recent years, creating increased awareness of this technology. However, research conducted by Frost & Sullivan puts Osterhout Design Group ahead of the competition in the leading position in this space because its ODG R-7 product offers better features, greater scalability, simpler usability, and is of a superior quality. This makes them them unrivaled in the market today. Because of this strong performance, Osterhout Design Group has been recognised and awarded Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 Product Innovation Award.

The use areas for these types of smart glasses are extensive: industrial, medical, energy & utilities, logistics, storage, security, government services, consumers etc.

Benefits of ODG R-7 smart glasses 

Able to do everything that today’s smart phones, tablets and computers can do, but with additional capabilities and benefits, ODG R-7 smart glasses represent the next logical step in mobile device advancement. Further benefits include:

  • Safe to use in any environment thanks to the unique stereoscopic 3D see-through view (you see the real world around you and the computer generated information is seen as a screen on top of the real world).
  • Hands-free use thanks to the on-board control with standard Android buttons and an optical track pad plus basic voice and gesture control.
  • Geo-location: the glasses not only know where you are, they can also show you the way to where you’re heading.

Accessories for ODG R-7 smart glasses

These include corrective lenses, reticle Speed Mouse ring controller, bluetooth keyboard, smart battery pack, power hub (extends the battery life to10 hours) and more.

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Warranty: One year from date of delivery, condition RMA.