Print Goes Live with GlobAR!

Make your print products come alive with AR! 

AR can add totally new dimensions to a print – in product catalogues, calendars, ads, articles, brochures, flyers, invitations, business cards, stickers,  – yes, AR is applicable to any printed product.  We can show you how.

Examples of features

  • The added material can be in any format – visual, audio, interactive applications, 3D models etc
  • You can increase and decrease the image
  • The app also scans and reads QR-codes
  • Analytics: You get all details such as how many scans per image have been made, geographic areas etc

AR vs QR codes?

  • AR is much more flexible: With AR you can have multiple “features” meaning you can e.g. have one button that opens up a video, another button that opens a website, and a third button to send an email. You are not restricted to one thing per scan, in other words with AR you can insert buttons with different actions to each.
  • Better looks: With AR there’s no need for a barcode. AR works through image recognition and then displays the interactive material.


GlobAR – the AR app!

We have noticed a rapidly growing interest in augmented reality (AR) for print. It gives print products a whole new dimension, literally speaking.  Due to the increasing interest in the Print Goes Live concept we decided to launch the GlobAR app.

How does it work?

You need a print product, a smart device (phone or tablet) and GlobAR, our free app which is available both in App Store and Google Play. Download GlobAR, open it and scan any print where you see the GlobAR logo. GlobAR also reads QR codes. When scanning, another layer of information appears on top of the print. This second layer of digital information can at any time be changed without changing the original print product.

Since visualisation is our expertise, we can also assist you with the added material, i.e. the digital layer of information. That material could be text, video, podcasts, infographics, 3D models, animations, interactive applications etc.

Download the app and try it out on these images.


We can also offer the following self-services to our customers: GlobAR Content Editor and analytics for GlobAR.

For more information, contact us at

The GlobAR App is available on:




Calendar goes Live!

Surprise your customers or personnel with an AR calendar!  What looks like a normal calendar hides pleasant surprises.

Note that the added material can be uploaded to the calendar at the turn of the month or at any specific date enabling you to keep your audience updated throughout the year.  Works great for product launches, seasonal greetings, annual report infographics, video, etc.

Business Card goes Live!

Why not get the most out of your business card? With AR in your business card, there is no limit to what you can add there and update at any time – sales offers, ads, video, audio, 3D images etc.


Product Catalogue goes Live!

 Take your product catalogue to the next level. Make a more general printed version and add more updated and informative to the pages through AR.  You could add 3D images of the product, installation animations, visualise different features, update prices at any time etc.