Our Innovative Visual Tools & Solutions help you to:

  Improve efficiency, quality and safety;  
  Make sure education is performed faster, more efficient-flexible-motivating and less dependent on language;
 Utilize experience of procedures for training and education via visual animation tools;
  Increase the number of available and qualified operators and reduce costs, thanks to e.g. remote assistance, educational animations etc.;
  Become more competitive in the market thanks to accurate, up-to-date information through our innovative Visual Tools & Solutions.

The human brain processes visuals 60 000 times faster than text.
A good reason to use more visuals in your overall communication!

3D Studio Blomberg’s products consist of:

Products developed by ourselves

Example: Our 360 Virtual Reality Tours for facilities, locations etc. Read more here.

Example: GlobAR, our free app for adding and viewing digital overlays on printed material. Read more here.

Products co-developed with customers:

Example: Thermo Polishing tool.
Together with Mirka we have developed a tool for more precise polishing of automotive. Read more here.

Value Added Resell:

Example: Value Added Resellers of the world’s best industrial-grade smartglasses, the ODG R-7. Read more here.

Example: eyebee®  Remote Expert tool – for those who need a simple, high quality video, low cost system to connect field technicians hands-free with remote experts. Read more here.

For more information on our other Visual Tools & Solutions – interactive applications, images, animations, WebGL, videos – check respective page.