Partner- and Memberships

3D Studio Blomberg is proud to be cooperating with and being partners of leading organisations such as the ones listed below.

Being part of bigger entities is a must in today’s business. At least according to us. The difficulty lies in finding the right partners and we are convinced that so far we have found the best ones available in each field.

  • The Elisa IoT™ partnership stands for the big picture – IoT and data security
  • Our partnership with PTC in the Partner Advantage program is a milestone for achieving automation of content generation for AR, VR and 3D on the web – software
  • The partnership with Osterhout Design Group (ODG) assures us access to the world’s best industrial grade smartglasses – hardware
  • Authorised distributors of Talent Swarm’s eyebee®  Remote Expert tool – hardware
  • Vuforia Preferred Developer status. Vuforia is the best Augmented Reality Software Development Kit (SDK) for mobile devices, enabling creation of Augmented Reality applications – software
  • The AREA which is the only global non-profit, member-based organization dedicated to widespread adoption of interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems – networking
  • Strategic Alliance between UK-based Chrysalisforge and 3D Studio Blomberg – co-operation and networking

We will add more partners along the way.