IA_logo Interactive Applications

Take your customer on a interactive factory tour, either full VR tour or a 360 video tour! It is safe, cost efficient and for the 360 video tour shooting we choose the best timing for you, i.e. when your factory is at full speed.

3D Studio develops a wide range of interactive applications with comprehensive and user-friendly functionalities to suit the various needs of the customer or end user.  Examples of interactive applications include e.g.

  • Applications where your customers can try out different options and simulate e.g. operating a large-scale electricity system;
  • Tutorial applications;
  • Sales configurators where your sales people or customers can configure the desired end product. It can even automate the whole sales process from configuration -> quote -> order -> confirmation -> delivery.


  • 3D Configuration of a product assembly, or system, visually utilizes real-time 3D-renderings;
  • Both the display of the assembly and individual parts are high quality renderings;
  • Visual representation of all physical aspects: modularity, material properties and color;
  • Facilitates full understanding of the functionality of the product or system;
  • Pricing information on individual components and overall assembly.


  • 3D Visualisation allows for  interaction by the user;
  • Control positioning within the 3D environment;
  • Control the display of both environment and 3D models;
  • Retrieve relevant and desired information throughout the many stages of the interactive process;
  • Isolate, hide and explode components of a product or system;
  • Easy to understand, simple to use.