About us

Since the start in 2001, 3D Studio Blomberg, a Finnish company in the Information Technology and Communications business, has been a forerunner in industrial visualisation. Our expertise and experience lie in holistic visual communications. We develop innovative Visual Tools & Solutions for different purposes, incorporating AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality).  Our tools and solutions cover the whole span of our customers’ products/solutions/services from R&D to marketing, sales, installation and operation as well as after sales and internal/external training.

Through innovative visualisation, we promote process efficiency, expert knowledge and overall quality.

3D Studio Blomberg is now in an intense development phase as we participate in exciting national research and development projects. We are also productifying and turning our visualisation experience into project management, edge competence and short/long term scalable products and services.

We can help you reach new dimensions in your communication efforts!


 One Global Visual Language – for a simplified yet more exciting world .


 To promote and enhance YOUR business throughout the lifecycle of your products/solutions/services;
  To continuously develop new and innovative products/solutions/services designed and integrated into a visual entity;
  To provide flexible and up-to-date global communication tools for various business functions both  for external  and internal use.

Member- and Partnerships

We find it important to join forces with others in the forefront of the whole IoT ecosystem. The world is changing continuously, but through collaboration with both customers, other developers and partners we can make sure that our tools and solutions are top notch. Below a few examples. Here you will find a complete list of our co-operation partners.


In 2015, 3D Studio Blomberg joined AREA℠ which is the only global non-profit, member-based organization dedicated to widespread adoption of interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems. The AREA℠ is a forum where we meet customers and other developers to share ideas and experiences.

3D Studio Blomberg’s AREA member profile.

Osterhout Design Group

In May 2016 3D Studio Blomberg signed a Collaboration Agreement and now represent ODG (Osterhout Design Group) as Partners and Value Added Reseller in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and UK.

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Elisa IoT™ Ecosystem

In May 2016 we became members of the Elisa IoT Ecosystem. The Elisa IoT™ Ecosystem is a partner network consisting of professionals from various fields. With this ecosystem, it is possible to build a unique Elisa IoT™ solution for every customer.

Board of Directors

The 3D Studio Blomberg’s Board of Directors consists of professionals with long experience in various fields of industry and finance business.

Roger Nybäck, Chairman

Roger Nybäck has attained achievements and experience in the field of Manufacturing for well over thirty years. His career includes Managing Director for KWH Pipe Ltd. and Partner and Managing Director for 10 years at Fluid-Bag. Member of various Boards of Directors and having positions in upper management throughout his career, his extensive international business experience spans the entire globe.

Pontus Blomberg

Founder of 3D Studio Blomberg Ltd. and VP, Business Development. Having started with the entrepreneurial enterprise of CAD Tech Blomberg back in 2001, Pontus has been most instrumental in the company’s evolution of becoming the foremost provider of Visual Tools & Solutions and visionary in the pursuit of One Global Visual Language.

Mikael Kuivalainen

MA in Economics, specialization in Human Resource Management. International experience from especially China and Poland. Highly interested in virtualization of work processes, especially from a human resource point of view. Currently working in investment sales with Nordea Bank Finland. On his free time, you can find him on the golf course.

Thomas Svartbäck

M.Sc. in Finance. Has worked 20 years in the wealth management industry as a system developer and portfolio manager. His work includes generating and implementing investment ideas, mainly long term equity investments. Partner and Managing Director at WIP Asset Management Ltd, based in Helsinki.

Jari Itälä

Partner and CPO, Projects and Suppliers at 3D Studio Blomberg. Has worked since 2002 in the company.