GlobAR – the AR app!

It’s hard to ignore the rapidly growing interest in augmented reality (AR). With our GlobAR app you can create a whole new dimension for your products.

What are the benefits of GlobAR?

  • Enhancement of a product by enabling access to different sources of information quickly and easily and all from one place
  • Prolonging a product’s life through the use of digital content which can be changed or edited at any time
  • The opportunity to add analytics to a product, hereby enabling you to easily track what people are interested in
  • The creation of a much more interactive and rewarding experience

How does GlobAR work?

You’ll need a product (print or other), a smart device (phone or tablet) and GlobAR, our free app available both in the App Store and on Google Play.

Once downloaded, open GlobAR and scan any product where you see GlobAR has been added. When scanning, the app recognises the product, searches for information linked to it and then adds this layer of information on top of the product you’ve scanned. This digital information layer can be changed at any time and GlobAR is also able to read QR codes.

Since visualisation is our area of expertise, we can also assist with added digital material. This could be anything from text, video, podcasts or infographics right through to 3D models, animations, interactive applications etc.

Where can I use GlobAR?

Digital information can be added in a variety of ways:

  • Printed material (catalogues, brochures, leaflets etc.) can be enhanced through the addition of prices, descriptions, instructions, animations etc.
  • Packages can be enhanced through the addition of a content list,  instruction manuals  or animations
  • Products can be enhanced through the addition of specifications, instructions, animations etc.

What else can I do with GlobAR?

We also offer a self-service Analytics for GlobAR to our customers.

Why not try it out yourself by simply

  1. Downloading the app from either App Store or Google Play and…
  2. Experimenting on these images

And take a look here for more information on the GlobAR for Print page.  

For more help and advice please contact us.

The GlobAR App is available on: