Print comes to life with GlobAR!

Bring your print products to life with AR! 

AR adds a new dimension to printed materials transforming them into a dynamic tool that really works for your business. For use on catalogues, calendars, adverts, articles, brochures, flyers, invitations, business cards, stickers … and more. In fact, AR can be added to just about any printed product.

What are the benefits of adding AR to printed materials?

  • The added AR material can be in any format; visual, audio, interactive applications, 3D models etc.
  • The size of the AR image can be increased and decreased in size
  • By using the GlobAR app you can also scan and read QR-codes
  • With the added analytics feature you get access to information on the number of scans per image, audience geography etc.
  • It’s adaptable to customers’ existing streaming services

It simply turns the printed product into a much richer customer experience. 

AR vs QR codes?

  • AR is more flexible: With AR you can have multiple “features” so, for example, one button that opens up a video, another that opens up a website, and a third to send an email. You are not restricted to one item per scan, so with AR you can insert a number of buttons each with its own action.
  • AR is visually appealing: With AR there’s no need for a bar code as it works through image recognition which then displays the interactive material in a simple, clear and compelling way.

The GlobAR App is available on:



Bring your calendar to life

Surprise your customers or team with an AR calendar!

What appears as a normal, standard calendar is holding some pleasant surprises. The additional material can be uploaded to the calendar at the beginning of each month or on any date specified by you, enabling you to keep your audience updated (and engaged) throughout the year.

Great for product launches, event giveaways, seasonal greetings, annual report info graphics, videos, etc.

Make your business card stand out from the crowd

Why not make your business card work harder for you?

With AR in your business card, there’s no limit to what you can add or update at any time; special offers, adverts for new products, video promotions, audio messages, 3D images and more.

Great for making an impression on new clients while always having up to date information at your fingertips.


Get more out of printed catalogues or brochures

Take your product catalogue to the next level.

Produce a standard printed catalogue and then add updates and information as needed to the pages through AR.  Why not try adding 3D images of the product, installation animations, showcase a selection of different features, update prices at any time and more.

A unique way to save money on printed materials that won’t go out of date by having the ability to update key information at any time.