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Since starting out in 2001, 3D Studio Blomberg has grown and expanded to become a front-runner in industrial visualisation. 


Our core expertise and experience lies in holistic visual communications and we’re passionate about using this to develop innovative visual tools and solutions for a broad range of uses, incorporating the latest technology, including AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality).  

Our tools and solutions span the entire spectrum of our customers’ products, solutions and services impacting on every aspect of their business from R&D right through to marketing, sales, installation and operations, after-sales and training. Through innovative, pioneering visualisation, we deliver efficiency of process, enhancement of knowledge and a high quality experience.

3D Studio Blomberg is now in a phase of intense growth as we productise our services to transform the visualisation experience into short- and long-term, scalable products and services, aiming for competitive advantage along the way. Alongside this, we’re participating in a range of exciting, national research and development projects.

With our skills, expertise, experience and deep knowledge and understanding of the industry, we offer a guarantee of superb quality to all our customers, every step of the way.

Our Vision

 One Global Visual Language: For a simplified, yet richer world experience.

Our Mission

 To promote and enhance YOUR business across the entire life-cycle of your products, solutions and services.
  To continuously develop new and innovative products, solutions and services designed and integrated into one visual entity.
  To provide flexible and up-to-date global communication tools for use in a range of business functions both internally and externally.

Memberships and Partnerships

It’s important to join forces with like-minded companies and organisations operating in the broader IoT ecosystem. In a fast-paced, ever-changing world, these collaborative relationships and partnerships are key to ensuring that the tools and solutions we develop are of a high quality and remain relevant for our customers. Below are a few examples of the organisations that we’re closely aligned to. For a full list of all our partnerships and business relationships please see here.


In 2015, 3D Studio Blomberg became a member of the AREA℠, the only global non-profit, member-based organisation dedicated to the widespread adoption of interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems. The AREA℠ is a forum which enables us to connect with other members, developers and organisations to share ideas and experiences and learn from each other.

3D Studio Blomberg’s AREA member profile.

Osterhout Design Group

In May 2016 3D Studio Blomberg signed a Collaboration Agreement to represent ODG (Osterhout Design Group) as Partners and as a  Value Added Reseller in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and the UK.

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Elisa IoT™ Ecosystem

In May 2016 we became members of the Elisa IoT Ecosystem. The Elisa IoT™ Ecosystem is a partner network consisting of professionals from various fields. This ecosystem allows us to build a unique Elisa IoT™ solution for every customer.

Board of Directors

3D Studio Blomberg’s Board of Directors are a group of professionals with extensive experience in various fields of industry, finance and business. A guiding light, they’re striving to see the business grow and prosper.

Roger Nybäck, Chairman

Roger Nybäck has over 30 years worth of experience and achievements in the Manufacturing industry. His career includes the role of Managing Director for KWH Pipe Ltd. and Partner & Managing Director at Fluid-Bag, where he spent 10 years. A member of various Boards of Directors and in positions of senior management throughout his career, his extensive international business experience spans the globe.

Pontus Blomberg

Founder of 3D Studio Blomberg Ltd. and VP of Business Development Pontus started his career with the entrepreneurial CAD Tech Blomberg back in 2001. He has been instrumental in the company’s evolution to become the primary provider of visual tools and solutions and is a visionary in the pursuit of One Global Visual Language.

Mikael Kuivalainen

With a MA in Economics, specialising in Human Resource Management coupled with global experience from China and Poland, Mikael has a particular interest in the virtualisation of work processes from a human resource point of view. He currently works in investment sales with Nordea Bank Finland and in his free time, you can find him on the golf course.

Bengt Lillvik

Bengt serves as CEO of the Company. WIth a Master of Science (MSc) and international experience in project and general management Bengt also has many years experience in the Industry Service Business and Industry Manufacturing Business.